Beauty and the Beast

I belong to a dance school where I attend adult tap classes. Every 3 years or so, we put on a big show where the children and adults can showcase their talents of dancing and singing.

Being handy with a sewing machine, I landed the role of Chief Costume Designer. Although it is an incredible amount of work, I do thoroughly enjoy being involved in the whole process.

The last show we put on was Beauty and the Beast. Following various planning meetings with the Dance School Principal, Karen, I was given a design brief.

Teacup Hats

Teacup hats for 6-7 year olds. Now I was thinking fascinators and set about designing a small cup and saucer in a delicate vintage, floral pattern. After various experiments, I managed to get one to stand up. However, when I showed it to Karen, she was more thinking of enormous teacups on the children’s heads. Back to the drawing board.

The colours we wanted were pink, blue and lilac. We thought spotty polkadot cups would look great, but my local Fabricland didn’t have the material in all 3 colours. I could get gingham, but we wanted something bright and bold to show up on stage. In the end we chose bright, block colours – shocking pink, turquoise and purple. Trialling various sizes, I eventually ended up with these.

teacup hats

The children looked absolutely gorgeous in them.

Karen had purchased the costumes for the teacups on Ebay but as always there weren’t quite the right number and some of them weren’t the correct size. A little gingham crop top. I quite enjoy deconstructing costumes to work out how they are made and it was simple enough to replicate and make a few larger sizes.

My original fascinator teacup I now use on my craft stall to hold my business cards. It’s often a good talking point with customers.

teacup business cards


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