Cogsworth Costume

For the main characters in Beauty and the Beast, Karen was hiring the costumes. However, the costume for Cogsworth the Clock was very disappointing. What arrived was a simple tabard with a clock drawn on the front. Not what we were looking for at all. 

I jumped at the challenge to design something. It’s one thing to design a costume, but another to make it suitable in which to dance. I needed something light and flexible enough. Doing some research, many of the costumes were designed for theatre and made of wood or similar.

A trip to Fabricland was required. Now I don’t need an excuse to go to my favourite shop. My children say I live in there. They sell some really stiff, extra-heavy interfacing / pelmet (Vilene S80/240). I’ve used it before for costumes so I knew it would work for dance.

I bought some brown crushed velvet, gold braid, gold lycra, Velcro and webbing/elastic

Back home, I set to designing a clock. I liked the style of old French clocks, particularly where they are pinched in at the waist (Ormolu)

Cogsworth costumeI cut out a suitable shape for the front and back with the idea of joining them together at the top. Then I covered the stiff interfacing with the brown crushed velvet and gold lining on the inside and added some braiding to outline the shape. I didn’t want a clock face with numbers on the front, but instead chose a pendulum in the shiny, gold lycra which I lightly stuffed. One problem, I did encounter was how to join the 2 pieces on the shoulders without them falling off. I also needed to sort out joining it at the sides so that it wouldn’t flap about when dancing, but was quick release in case a quick change was required. Some Velcro straps solved that problem.

Cogsworth costumeWhen I took the costume in to show the dancer, she was delighted. With a silk shirt, trousers and of course a wig, she looked perfect.


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