Cupcake costume

Cupcake Costume

The down side about buying 2nd hand costumes on Ebay or privately is you cannot guarantee that you will be able to get the right number. Karen started buying up costumes about a year ahead, long before she had any idea how many dancers would be taking part. She had purchased some really cute pink leotards with an integral skater skirt and a white and gold panel down the front which would be ideal for the cupcake costume. They came with a white tutu which had a really wide pink elastic band around the waist. When the little 3 yr olds tried them on, the waist band was just far too bulky and looked awful.

We decided to cut the waist band off, remove some of the layers of net and then just put a simple thin piece of elastic in the waistband. We were 3 costumes short though. Karen bought 3 plain leotards and said “what can you do with these? Here’s a skater skirt. Can you use that to make some sleeves?”

I sewed a small panel of white lycra on the front and had some gold braid to decorate. The braid had convenient little loops which I was able to thread some jade ribbon through to give a laced-up effect. I was able to make 3 new skirts from the excess netting which I had cut off the other tutus. Once on the stage, it was hard to tell the reproduction from the original.

cupcake costumesCupcakes

I have made a few cupcake pincushions in the past, but these needed to be enormous that the little children needed 2 hands to hold. I wanted the effect of a fluted paper cake case and had looked at various tutorials on the web. In the end, I went for felt and then gathered it about halfway down the sides to achieve the effect I was after. The cakes were simple circles of satin stuffed and gathered into balls. I had great fun sewing all the sprinkles on. The children loved them and they looked fantastic all together in a large basket.felt cupcakes

The bakers who were looking after the cupcake children needed some bloomers. I made some in a gorgeous shocking pink polkadot satin.

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