Vintage Fabric Pin Board Tutorial

Vintage fabric pinboard

This Vintage Fabric Pin Board is a very quick and simple project which requires no sewing.  A staple gun is the only major tool you will need.

Project time: Approx 30 mins



Chip board – 12mm thick
Some pretty vintage fabric
2oz wadding
Ribbon – about 4.5m
Staple gun
Upholstery tacks
Plain fabric to cover the back

I bought a big piece of chipboard from my local DIY store and cut myself a piece which was 40 x 30cm.

First of all, cut your material so it is 5cm wider on each side than your board. My board is 40 x 30cm, so I cut my material 50 x 40cm.

Cut a piece of wadding the same size.

Lay your fabric face down on the table with the wadding on top. Now lay your pin board on top of the fabric/wadding and make sure it is centralised.

The corners look neater if they are mitred. To do this, fold in the corner first and then turn up the edge and staple in place. Then fold in the other side (a bit like wrapping up a present).

Continue turning up the edge and stapling. You might just want to check on the front to see if it is all neat and the fabric is pulled tight.

fabric pinboard

A covered board and very pretty it looks, too. I love this material. It is called Scones, Jam and Cream by Hill-Berg.

Next choose your ribbon. Mine is a pale green polka dot and is stored on a beautiful, vintage wooden spool.

fabric pinboard
fabric pinboard

Now this bit I do by eye rather than measuring it all out.

Take your ribbon and staple it on the back in one corner. Then take it diagonally across the front to the other corner and round to the back again. Staple it on the back. Cut off the excess.

Add more ribbon diagonally across the board until you are happy with the layout.

You then need to repeat this for the other 2 corners until you have completed the board.

I think it looks nice if you do all one way first (i.e. left to right) and then do the other side (right to left), so that your 2nd set of ribbons are on top.

I just cut the ribbons as I go, stapling both ends first before cutting to length.

fabric pinboard

Next place an upholstery tack at each point where the ribbons cross. Hammer the tack into the board just enough to slightly squash the wadding/material, but not too far so that they come out of the back of your board.

fabric pinboard

You can then cover the back with some cheap, plain white fabric to hide all the mess.

fabric pinboard

Voila! A gorgeous fabric pin board.

I love the vintage look of these boards and made 3 in an afternoon.

I’d love to hear from you if you make one too

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