Wedding Music Bag

wedding music bag

At a craft fair last year, I bumped into my daughter’s former piano teacher. After buying a few things on my stall, she asked if she could commission me to make her a special bag – a Wedding Music Bag. She wanted a bag in which she could carry her piano music when she played the organ at weddings. It needed to be waterproof so that the music didn’t get spoilt in the rain. She also wanted a pocket on the back where she could safely keep her phone.

Musical fabricI had already got some ideas in mind: Vintage wedding, lots of lace and musical themed. Any musical fabric I had seen was too modern and rather childish. I wanted something more sophisticated, like real manuscript and vintage-style. Eventually I found some by Timeless Treasures called Sheet Music. It was just what I was looking for – Mozart & Beethoven and a cream tinge to it. At the time, it was available through Amazon.

french ribbonWhilst on holiday in France in the summer, we’d visited the local market in our village. There was a fantastic haberdashery stall and I had picked up some musical ribbon. I also have an enormous reel of gorgeous lace I’d found at a vintage fair.

For the bag itself I chose a dusky pink heavy cotton from my favourite fabric store in Reading, Fabricland. I had bought some gathered trim with the bag in mind and decided to use that to make some fabric flowers. When the trim was gathered into a circle, the effect was perfect. I’d also inherited a plastic bag full of jewellery bits and pieces. Broken earrings and beads together with buttons.fabric flower

With all of these bits and pieces gathered together, I then had hours of fun trying out different layouts.

I wanted to include an old sepia photograph of a bride. There is an excellent website called the Graphics Fairy which has royalty-free clipart. I found a suitable photo and printed it onto photo transfer paper which I then ironed onto the bag. The ‘picture frame’ was made out of cotton lace edging.lace photo frame

Someone described it as a bit like scrapbooking. Layering the lace, ribbon, fabric, flowers and finally adding the beads and broken earrings on the top. I then made it into a tote bag together with a floral-lined, zipped pocket on the back.

My friend was absolutely delighted with her bag, especially as it had been designed specifically for her. I am sure she is going to enjoy using it next time she is asked to play the music at a wedding.

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